Join SEO Training In Chennai To Build Awesome Career In Digital Marketing


SEO is an advertising technique which focuses on a natural (non-monetary) means of driving traffic to a particular website through increased visibility in search engines. SEO not only incorporates the technical skills required, but also the creative thinking which goes into strategically increasing awareness, driving traffic and enhancing rankings in search engines. Are you looking for customised SEO training in Chennai? Aiming to build up your own SEO strategy, and in the process customise your very own Website?

If so, then you just need to browse through this basic training course and you will be up to date on the very fundamentals of SEO! You will find this replete with a variety of practical, easy to use, tips and techniques with which you can go ahead and launch that website immediately.

What you learn in Basic SEO training


SEO is a most important aspect of inbound marketing, thus making it a priority for all businesses to ensure they land on the top of the search result rankings, as this can translate into an efficient and cost-effective means of generating traffic.

The advanced SEO training course offered by goDigitally will give you in-depth knowledge into all that goes into enhancing the search engine ranking of a particular Website. This will be an exhaustive exploration of the mechanics of Search Engine Optimization.

Introduction to SEO


We begin our training module by informing you of the very nuts and bolts that go into the working of a Search Engine. This will provide you with enough information to understand the basics of how Search Engines comb through the web, and on what basis are various webpages ranked. Once webpage ranking no longer seems arbitrary, you can proceed to educate yourself on the topics of the following modules.

Keyword Research and Site Structure


You must have come across this word quite often – Keyword. This is one of the most important components of any SEO strategy. In this module you’ll learn how to conduct a thorough keyword research. Other than that, Site Structure is another vital aspect of your web presence. In this module, we will explain why that is, and how you can enhance your site structure in the best way possible.

Technical SEO


We won’t be delving too deep into the nitty-gritty’s and mechanics of SEO as this is not a course on Coding. However, a basic understanding of the technicalities is essential in order to understand and best utilize SEO. We’ll be focusing on principles such as “Crawlability” and “Findability”. Finally, we’ll have a discussion on the importance of your Site Speed, and how you can enhance it to its maximum potential.

SEO copywriting


If you want to rank high and thus be found on the Internet, you will have to focus on creating high quality content. What is a “high quality” content, you ask? Like most things, even copy writing follows a tried and true formula. This module will teach you how to create attractive and well written copy so that your viewers may have a good time reading your posts, so you may attract more people.

Usability and Conversion


This will teach you why UX and Conversion are important for SEO. Once we’ve taught you the very basics of Usability, you’ll be well equipped with the tools you need to initiate your own conversion research and A/B testing.

WordPress SEO


Finally, you can take a very quick and to-the-point course on the process of best adapting your WordPress site for Search Engine Optimization. With this skill set you’ll effortlessly be able to optimize any WordPress site.