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Chennai’s Finest Digital marketing Course & SEO Training

We at goDigitally are here to guide you through a course for the sole purpose that you would effectively be able to market over the chaos of digital recklessness. By the end of this course, you will be competent at creating digital campaigns.

To achieve this, we have established a set of courses which sharpen your digital marketing skills. Each course will augment your prowess to embellish your own digital marketing strategy. Our comprehensive online digital marketing course in Chennai will earn you digital marketing experience piled up with the three ” T’s ” of marketing: Tactics, Techniques, and Timing. Not only these, you will also gain the dexterous ability to track and measure Internet marketing campaigns to maximize your online marketing spend.
The SEO course ensures you achieve expertise in search engine optimization. At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Master the tactics, techniques, and timing to qualify as an SEO specialist.
  • Advance up the search engine ranking of your site.
  • Stimulate grand results through inbound content marketing by applying SEO strategies. ‘



This course will help you to build a killer WordPress websites independently. Learn everything From Domain registration to hosting and design to deployment.


We don’t teach you to how to get rank No.1 at Google. but we teach how to use search engine optimization techniques to your business. Read More about SEO Training in Chennai.

Google Adwords

Learn How to create the campaign and maximize traffic and sales with pay per click techniques (Google AdWords and Facebook ads).

Social Media Marketing

An all-inclusive social media training course. You will get in-depth knowledge on Profile creation, Profile Management & ads.

Google Analytics

Learn the basics of Google analytics, GA implementation and report generation. Uncover the business data from the websites.

E-commerce SEO & CRO

Learn the golden rules of conversion optimization. We cover landing page optimization, improving clicks, sales and profits.

Our Digital Marketing Training Regime

Success in Digital Marketing is based on the proper interpretation of the customer’s requests and tending to the same in the deftest manner. The course makes you a pro in digital marketing by through Lectured classes, practical exposure and team activities opening the door to peer feedback.

The practical exposure includes a brief from a real-time customer seeking advice on the digital marketing of its services, thereby creating your first experience with Digital Marketing. A dedicated, experience based adept faculty will explain the concepts and guide you, showing, implementing & mentoring your live project. All of our sessions are One-on-One sessions.


The end result of the course will make you into a professional digital marketing person. To name a few skills in which u would profess after completing digital marketing course in Chennai by goDigitally,

  • Become an internet marketing service provider by learning SEO.
  • Design a WordPress website like a pro web designer.
  • Run advertisement on Google Adwords like marketing agency.
  • Use Facebook ads like advertising agency.


Knowledge spreads like a forest fire, and there are no limitations to acquire it. Anyone looking to develop successful digital marketing strategy could join the course and taste its fruits, especially Entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketing, communications, PR employees who need to enhance their digital skills with a fresh perspective.


The habitat we chose is as important as the Habit. We chose our training venues with the same care that we tended towards the actual training. The arena we chose with updated training environment caters to a quick, efficient and everlasting learning process. Our venues are at arm’s length located both at the heart of the city and spread all over the city with the reachable neighborhood. Check the sidebar for digital marketing courses in Chennai location.


We are a Versatile Academy who adept at being realistically creative and bringing out the best in each aspirant, thereby achieving a paramount in career-oriented classes. We also Aid in originating real time Final year Projects in Digital marketing for Arts, Management and Engineering students in digital marketing stream. A fresher with an experienced mind is the new norm for the hiring MNCs. Get that extra Experience certificate by doing an internship with us and triumph at every interview. Speak with trainer before you join digital marketing course in Chennai.