PPC Training


Pay Per Click (PPC) is an advertising tool used by businesses to reach their audience through sponsored ads on search engines and other websites. With the help of PPC ads you have the ability to reach the correct demographic, and in turn increase the returns on your investment.

goDigitally’s PPC training course will offer you all the necessary skills and expertise required to reach your paid marketing objectives. The course will cover PPC adverting exhaustively, with topics like initial comprehensive campaign setup, bidding and reporting, managing campaigns, landing pages, conversion tracking and other advanced PPC concepts.

Google Adwords Training


Google Advertising Network has made itself the cornerstone of digital marketing, dominating the online market with its mobile, search, and video advertising channels.

Google AdWords Training Course offered by goDigitally will ensure that you have a unique and penetrative understanding of the Google Pay Per Click network. As a result you’ll be better equipped to strategize, create and flawlessly execute paid marketing campaigns with Search, Mobile, Display and Video channels to better achieve your objectives. You will be able to adopt strategies geared towards optimizing your campaign and improving your ad quality thus ensuring better returns on investment.

This course will get you ready for the Google AdWords Professional Certifications, and equip you with enough practical knowledge and technical know-how to become an expert paid marketing professional.